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Talk to our Land Experts: 09612 5555 66


Talk to our Land Experts: 09612 5555 66

✔ Maximum Return on Investment

With our aesthetic design, professional construction, and personalized customer service, Sheltech is one of the most trusted brands in the real estate industry of Bangladesh. As a landowner, whether you choose to live in the home of your dreams that Sheltech will build for you, or re-sell it, we guarantee that you will get the maximum return on your investment.

✔ In-House Legal and Design Team

Sheltech guarantees a smooth and hassle free journey as you develop your property with us and build your dream home. Whether it is sorting out legal complications with your land, or translating the vision for your property into reality, our in house legal and design teams will help you throughout the way.

✔ RAJUK Approved, BNBC Code Compliant

Since 1988, Sheltech has designed and built over 160 projects, following all the rules and regulations of RAJUK, Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) and all other applicable codes. This means all our buildings are earthquake and fire code compliant, have adequate green space and community facilities, as well as proper disability access.

✔ Safe and Quality Construction

Along with our experienced construction team, we have separate safety and quality teams that monitor each aspect of construction, and guarantee that the building is being constructed exactly according to design, while maintaining material and workmanship quality, as well as worker safety.

✔ On-Time Handover

At Sheltech, our commitment to clients forms the very core of our business. As such, we have always handed over our project to clients on time, regardless of the prevailing market conditions. Even recently, when the real estate sector of Bangladesh suffered from a severe recession, Sheltech has still handed over all our projects on time (totaling over 50 projects in the last 6 years).

✔ After Handover Service

At Sheltech, we believe in the motto: “Once a client, always a client.” Even after handover, we are here to provide any service, whether it is help with interior design, maintenance, or simply being a listening ear for your feedback. We have many experiences of helping clients and landowners with various requests even 27 years after handover of a project.

✔ ISO 9001: 2015 Certification

Sheltech is the first real estate company in Bangladesh to receive the latest ISO Certification (ISO 9001: 2015) in recognition of our quality management systems, our professionalism, and our continuous innovation in design and construction. This means as a landowner, you can leave the hassles of property development in our trusted hands and see your dreams being transformed into reality by the leading real estate developer in Bangladesh.

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