Late Dr. Toufiq M. Seraj (1956-2019)
Founder of Sheltech

Founder of Sheltech

Dr. Toufiq M. Seraj was the Founder and former Managing Director of Sheltech and its associated companies. He was a visionary and a pioneer of real estate in Bangladesh and played a leading role in shaping the real estate industry to be where it is today. His vision to provide beautiful and quality homes for the resident of Dhaka led Sheltech to develop over 3700 apartments all over the city, transforming Sheltech into a symbol of excellence in the real estate industry of Bangladesh.

Dr. Seraj was a past president of Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB) and held the position for three consecutive terms, during which he advanced the industry by stressing on professionalism from all developers, as well as insisting on stringent safety and quality control on construction sites. Dr. Seraj was also a former president of the Bangladesh Institute of Planners (BIP), and played a major role in developing the Detailed Area Planning of Dhaka.

He was a former faculty member of BUET, and has a wide range of publications including several books on urban planning, housing and real estate in Bangladesh. For his education, he obtained his Ph.D. in Civic Design from the University of Liverpool, UK as a commonwealth Scholar. Earlier he completed his Master of Urban and Regional Planning and Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from BUET.

He breathed his last on June 21, 2019 (BDT) on Qatar Airways flight to Doha.