Sheltech takes pride in promoting its Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) seriously. We strongly feel that we can use our CSR to well-serve our Country in its path to Development. Sheltech has therefore been very proactive in advancing public interest by encouraging social growth and improvement.

Sheltech has honored eminent personalities for their lifelong dedication to social causes and their excellent service in their respective field of work. The annual "Sheltech Awards" are being presented to one or two renowned person(s) each year since 1998.

Sheltech regularly contributes in social and cultural events of Schools, Colleges and Universities. We have been helping in the organization of Photography and Art Exhibitions. We would like to specially mention our regular help in the activities of the Center for the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed (CRP). CRP is a Unique Institute which is profoundly helping in establishing normalcy in the lives of handicapped persons. Other institutions where we regularly extend our help are Rotary Club, etc. We have also consistently helped rehabilitate victims of natural calamities, like those affected by cyclones and floods.

Sheltech has sponsored Popular Educational Programs like "Campus Hero" in Channel i TV and several Childrens Art Competitions.

Sheltech has also sponsored several Environmental Clean-up programs, like the Beautification and Green Movement Program in Dhaka City and the Green Channel Initiative of School Children in Dhaka. We have also provided a number of Traffic Booths and Lane Separators for the improved Louboutin Pompen management of Dhaka City Traffic.

We have also helped several eminent personalities in their road to recovery from serious health problems allowing them to continue in their social activities.